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Autore Un altro server interessante RANDOM EXPERT  (Letto 708 volte)

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Un altro server interessante RANDOM EXPERT
« il: 13 Nov 2016, 10:43:11 »
Il 72AG insieme ai DED (due gruppi virtuali Russi) hanno messo su un server che ha delle potenzialità maggiori rispetto al classico dog server come WoL. Diciamo che è al livello della TAW o forse più.

Questo è il link alle statistiche http://72ag-ded.ru/en/

E qui sotto le regole/caratteristiche prese dal sito DED

Interessante il fatto che attraverso la chat si possa prendere e dare informazioni al server, tra cui la creazione di una "WING" formata da piloti, per esempio bomber e scorta, che prenderanno punti anche dalle azioni comuni.


Pilot personal hangar.
Every NEW pilot will receive 2 planes to start with. Lost planes or additional planes can be bought with "Supply points".

However, You can not have more than 3 aircrafts in hangar. See the "mechanics of personal hangar" section.

Ability to create a wing.
Pilots flying as a wing share gained battle points with each other. See "Wing gathering" section.

Ability to capture airfields and settlements.
Players who prefer tanks can capture airfields and villages along the front line.

Targets reconnaissance.
As the mission starts ground targets available for the destruction are not marked on the map. You can perform reconnaissance on any plane or tank.

No GPS or markers.
Players will have to navigate independently without "tips" on the map.

Lock system.
Super-large caliber bombs not typical forthe standard bombers/ground attack planes load and bombs over 50 kg for fighters are locked.

(MC-202 and P-40 have 100 and 250 kg bombs available accordingly.)

Types of targets:
field warehouses
rear warehouses
automobile and armored units
ships (Soviet side)
active enemy airfields

As soon as any of the ground targets is under attack the chat message with target location will pop up.

Terms of victory.
Victory goes to the team that during mission (at the moment mission length is set to three hours) will score at least 1,000 points AND will "keep the score" by a margin of at least 55% to 45%. Draw otherwise. "Early wins" are not possible.

the team score points are credited in two ways:
1. All destroyed enemy units and buildings have their value in the "battle points".

Plane must be successfully landed on any active allied airfield to add "battle points" to the team score.

2 . According to "bonus points" chart after the destruction of ground targets. This points will be added to team score only immediately, even if the aircraft was not able to land.

"Bonus points" chart:
Each mission can include the following types of ground targets, which have their own "value in points" and that immediately after the destruction of targets are added only to the team score:

Rear warehouse - 0

Field warehouse - 0
(NOTE: Since there is no bonus points, the only way to add anything to the team score - successfully land your plane on allied airfield.)

Airfield (can be disabled for 20 minutes with bombing of runway) - 500

Successful tank attack (captured settlement or airfield, depending on the mission.) - 200

Motorcade - 250

armored column - 350

train - 100

Group of ships - 200

Artillery position - 150

bridge - 70

A separate task is to find the above targets - only after the successful reconnaissance the target icon will appear on the map - 25.
" reconnaissance" is counted when first approaching the target at a distance of 2 km (column) to 6 km (rear warehouse). This works also for the players on the tanks - "Detection distance" for them varies from 1 to 2 km.

Please note that mission briefing does not provide target positions- refer to the following simple considerations: the artillery is located along the front lines, front warehouses at some distance from it, the rear warehouses - deep in enemy territory, well, the column can occur in the most unexpected places on the roads) .

Mechanics of personal hangar.
The server has the personal limit of planes: each player once he (or she!) first logs on to the server will receives 2 aircrafts of any side and model. With the loss of each of them You will get a chat message with number of planes left. If You had lost your last one You have to "fill up the hangar" by flying "supply" aircraft from rear airfield to any active (friendly! :) front one. (Doing this will give You following amount of "supply points": Pe-2 and He-111 - 450, Bf-110 - 350, any fighter - 250). For every 500 "supply points" You will get ONE plane delivered to your personal hangar.

Only 3 planes and up to 499 "supply points" will be transferred to next mission.
So far we have 2 kinds of points:

"Battle points" that You receive destroying ground targets and enemy planes. This points increase team score.

And "supply points" that let You "fill up the hangar".

When You landed your plane on an active friendly airfield all the "battle points" You scored will be distributed as follows. For example, You scored 50 "battle points":

You will get 50 "supply points"

Your team will get 50 points added to total score

Your wingmen will get 50 "supply points" divided equally between them.

Now, if you fly as a wing, after scoring airkill or destroying ground target, upon returning to active allied airfield wing members will get their share of each other points, but not "kills", so the statistics on the site will not be changed.

Once again - the author of a "kill" gets full amount of "battle points" transferred to his "supply points" and other wing members get equal share of author's points added to their "supply points".

If the pilot for any reason did not landed his plane his "battle points" are lost. He will only get his share from more successful wingmen.

Players who play tanks or take seat as a gunner have all their scored points added to "supply points" immediately. If player is a wing member the whole wing gets its share as well.

Sounds good? Interact!!!

Lets take a look at few examples:

1 . Three pilots formed a wing. First one got heavy bomber (24 points) killed before he unloaded bombs(24*10 = 240 points) on target, second got ground attack plane (18 points) before he did any damage (18*10 = 180 points) and one fighter (60 points), the third wasn't so lucky, he scored zero. All 3 successfully landed.

First player income :

240 + ((180 + 60 + 0) / 3) = 320 points

Second player :

180 + 60 + (240+0)/3 = 320 points

Third player:

0 + (240+180+60)/3 = 160 points

2 . Same wing. Same kills, but bomber and ground attack planes shot down AFTER they unloaded. Upon landing:

First player income :

24 + ((18 + 60 + 0) / 3) = 50 points

Second player :

18 + 60 + (24+0)/3 = 86 points

Third player:

0 + (24+18+60)/3 = 34 points

3. Same as 1 but First Player did not land, his scored 240 points are lost, so

First player income :

0 + ((180 + 60 + 0) / 3) = 80 points

Second player :

180 + 60 + (0+0)/3 = 240

Third player:

0 + (0+180+60)/3 = 80points

Thus only the points that were "landed" counts.

Points for ground and air kills are:
Ground static and "soft" moving target - 4 points per unit

Armor (AI) - 14

T34-76 (controlled by the player) - 250

Pz - III (controlled by the player) - 170

Pe2, He 111, Ju-88, Ju-52 - 24

Bf-110, IL-2, Ju-87 - 18

Fighters of all kinds - 60

Ships - 80

AA guns - 30

In the case of interception bomber or ground attack aircraft BEFORE it attacks targets the points will be multiplied by 10!

1 Friendly fire is implemented, kick for first occasion, with following ban if a certain limit of friendly damage reached: 9 ground units or 2 bombers/ground attack planes or 1 fighter.

2 If You had lost all your planes and trying to take off not on a "supply" aircraft there will be a few chat warnings, ignoring them leads to kick off the server.

"Supply" planes unarmed by default (except for gunners), do not change this setting.

All emergency landing that did not caused crucial damage are considered to be successful if landed on friendly active airfield, the plane will not be lost.

Gathering the Wing

How to create Wing:
Go to Team Chat. Type the following chat command

"sq SQUAD start" (no commas) where "SQUAD" is the name of the Wing (any combination of numbers and letters). Doing this will make You Wing Commander.

How to join existing Wing:
Open Team Chat, type command "sq SQUAD req" (no commas) where "SQUAD" is the name of Wing You wish to join.

How to accept player request for joining the Wing:
Wing Commander (see above) should accept request with "sq SQUAD ok" command (no commas) where "SQUAD" is the name of the Wing.

How to remove player from the Wing:
Wing Commander can do this using "sq SQUAD del PLAYER_NAME" command. (no commas bla-bla-bla)

How to leave Wing:
Use "sq SQUAD leave" command. Easy, right?

How to disband Wing:
Wing Commander must use "sq SQUAD end" command.

One more useful command to check your points and number of planes available:
"status". With some delay You will see chat message like this

Player_name, You have 2 planes, 300 supply points

Short list of Chat Commands:
sq SQUAD start - start new wing, wing commander

sq SQUAD end - disband wing, wing commander

sq SQUAD ok - accept player request to join wing, wing commander

sq SQUAD del Player_Name - remove Player_Name from wing, wing commander (a lot of players have prefixes like "-DED-" or "72AG_" - You can skip them, for example "sq SQUAD del Zlodey" and "sq SQUAD del -DED-Zlodey " have same purpose - both will kick player Zlodey from server wing), wing commander

sq SQUAD req - request to join the wing, any player

sq SQUAD leave - leave the wing, any player

status - request the number of aircrafts in hangar and supply points amount, any player

Common messages from the server:
Player_name, planes stock is exceeded. drive -Supply- planes to replenish.Means this player had lost all his planes and can only (HAVE TO!!!) fly supply planes till he has 500 supply points to get new one. The message is displayed when a player's aircraft in the parking lot.

Player_name, You have 2 planes, 300 supply points.No comments. Displayed at parking lot or if You used "status" command.

Player_name, You have 2 planes, 162 supply points. 120 battle points.Battle points here indicates that You are currently in the air and have 120 points to bring home to add to your 162 supply points, team overall score and share with wingman if You have one. Good luck!

Displayed after using "status" command.

Player_name, good job pilot, You have 2 aircraft(s). Supply points: 80 - Congrats! You just landed on a friendly active airfield and your 80 battle points converted to supply points, making victory closer as well. Now You can fix yourself a drink.

Square 060 report: detected enemy forces. -Oops, ground forces under attack at 060. Hurry up! Displayed with 35-50 sec delay after attack.

Germany: 4942 pts. 59% | USSR: 3380 pts. 41% - Current situation - Germany wins with 18% advantage.

Displayed every time the situation changes.

Server statistics, list of in-game players:

Server's TeamSpeak:


Rooms in "Il-2 BoS Expert" folder.

We look forward for your suggestions, comments and bug reports.

Wish You successful flights and good time.

Server Team:


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Re:Un altro server interessante RANDOM EXPERT
« Risposta #1 il: 13 Nov 2016, 12:08:30 »
La cosa sembra molto interessante . Direi non semplicissima , visto che serve una buona collaborazione di gruppo , potrei provarla assieme a voi se riesco a vincere lo stress che mi da il tipo di volo  :shout: :cray:,ci ho giocato poco proprio per questo.Ciao
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Re:Un altro server interessante RANDOM EXPERT
« Risposta #2 il: 13 Nov 2016, 13:34:31 »
Si interessante!

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Re:Un altro server interessante RANDOM EXPERT
« Risposta #3 il: 26 Mar 2017, 15:21:42 »
Forse avrete notato che il server è stato "in manutenzione" per un paio di settimane, da qualche giorno è ripartito, anche se in versione test, nella nuova versione in cui sono state fatte modifiche e introdotte cose nuove.

Allego un pdf che ho tradotto in italiano dal russo con google e per chi conosce il russo anche quello originale  :sarcastic:

A mio giudizio stanno facendo un gran lavoro, simulando per quanto possibile, lottando contro i kamikaze e puntando sul combattimento di squadra!
Finché sono qui, nessuno di voi è al sicuro.

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Re:Un altro server interessante RANDOM EXPERT
« Risposta #4 il: 31 Mar 2017, 18:06:37 »
Un'altra novità su questo server...

IL-2 Mission Planner integrato nella pagina web!
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Re:Un altro server interessante RANDOM EXPERT
« Risposta #5 il: 31 Mar 2017, 19:41:33 »
Wol ed Expert hanno entrambi pregi e difetti..prendiamo una decisione di gruppo e scegliamo quale server giocare..

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Re:Un altro server interessante RANDOM EXPERT
« Risposta #6 il: 02 Apr 2017, 19:46:08 »
Io preferisco Expert ma attualmente non saprei diere quali sono i pregi e i difetti di uno rispetto all'altro... 

Offline Drust

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Re:Un altro server interessante RANDOM EXPERT
« Risposta #7 il: 02 Apr 2017, 20:22:00 »
per quel poco che volo e ho volato su  entrambi....preferi sco di gran lunga EXPERT.

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Re:Un altro server interessante RANDOM EXPERT
« Risposta #8 il: 03 Apr 2017, 11:40:24 »
Anch'io preferisco l'expert, nel quale a causa delle limitazioni sui velivoli (il cui sistema di gestione è stato ora radicalmente modificato ed è ancora in test) raramente avvengono combattimenti all'ultimo sangue e soprattutto niente kamikaze (e bimbiminkia).
Per lo stesso motivo attualmente, solo nelle ore pomeridiane e serali ci sono molti piloti, quindi non escluderei la frequentazione di altri server come WoL in determinati momenti per tenersi allenati, ma solo per i cacciatori.
Finché sono qui, nessuno di voi è al sicuro.

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Re:Un altro server interessante RANDOM EXPERT
« Risposta #9 il: 03 Mag 2017, 21:12:43 »
Allego un piccolo (3 pagine) e nuovo manuale riguardante il funzionamento del server Random EXpert, in cui si evince che le regole e il funzionamento generale sono stati semplificati, aumentando cosi la giocabilità pur mantenendo una certa rigidità, dettata dalla necessità di ottenere un comportamento realistico da parte dei giocatori, costringendoli a  salvaguardare la sopravvivenza del pilota e l'integrità dell'aereo.
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