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[Patch] 1.014 disponibile (+ fix 1.014b)
« il: 06 Ago 2010, 19:27:23 »
La Pappa è pronta!!
E ci sono anche i link per 2 skinpack.
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Re: [Patch] 1.014 disponibile (+ fix 1.014b)
« Risposta #1 il: 06 Ago 2010, 20:17:31 »
Fatto! Grazie Ugo.

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Re: [Patch] 1.014 disponibile (+ fix 1.014b)
« Risposta #2 il: 06 Ago 2010, 20:56:45 »
purio  :wink:
Un saluto e un sorriso rallegrano l'anima.
Non mi piace la cultura moderna basata sull'immagine, preferirei fosse basata sull'onore.

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Re: [Patch] 1.014 disponibile (+ fix 1.014b)
« Risposta #3 il: 24 Ago 2010, 15:17:45 »
Abbiornamento 1.014b arrivato!
Dear customers!

Soon after version 1.014 was released, we discovered a few errors that required some corrections. We have developed a small update, 1.014b, to correct these issues, and it’s now available to update and play.
This version also contains all features of version 1.014 like the first German fighter Fokker E.III, new approved skins (187 historical and 284 fictional), new water surface animation, new Widget Menu with new functions, and more.
We are constantly working on the "Rise of Flight" project to improve the quality of play and the joy of flying for all of our customers.

Change list of version 1.014b

1. Random inaccessible hangar button was fixed in all game modes.
2. All reported localization corrections were implemented.
3. Unavailable Fokker D.VII skin was fixed.
4. Unavailable Fokker D.VIIF skin was fixed.
5. Skins that caused “Invisible airplanes” problem on NVidia 4xx were removed from the approved list and are no longer available in Hangar list.
6. Mouse control for Pitch and Roll was fixed (when joystick is unplugged).
7. AI Fokker E.III wing break was fixed (over-g issue).
8. Fokker E.III high-poli in-cockpit model of turn-buckles (wires ends) was fixed.

Features list of version 1.014

1. Fokker E.III added.
2. Official skins pack was updated to 1.014 (Fokker E.III skins added).
3. Community historical skins pack vol.2 was approved.
4. Community fictional skins pack vol.2 was approved.
5. New water animation and lighting was added.
6. New shadows mode (compatibility with NVidia 4xx GPUs) was added.
7. Multiplayer Skins disable option (to reduce out of memory issues) was added.
8. New shoreline texture was added.
9. Widget Menu re-designed, now it may be activated by LWin button and items now may be selected by hotkeys.
10. Flight Leader Commands and Pilot gestures were added to Widget Menu.
11. Hide all GUI elements (for screenshots and videos) was added to Widget Menu.
12. D.H.2 scenario mission was added.

Change list of version 1.014

1. TRG Waypoint no longer reacts to deleted objects.
2. Objects without a name specified in the mission will now have "noname" name (this removes the related camera switch issues).

3. Incorrect rain orientation in cockpit view when Bank is not zero has been fixed.

4. Doubled mission start event in log file was fixed.
5. Merged planes on spawn on the airfield placed on the rough terrain has been fixed.

6. Train carriages now deleting after they are unhooked from the train.
7. CTD issue has been resolved when a wagon without the locomotive was placed in mission.
8. Train spawn has been fixed.
9. Train sound in Quick Mission has been fixed.
10. Balloons fall-to-ground animation has been fixed (now they should crumple after falling).

11. Albatros D.Va right MG sound was fixed.

12. TrackIR stuck after RMB operations was fixed.
13. CTD on mission end after using the Padlock from external view was fixed.
14. Delay to camera switch was added in cases when camera was linked to a bomb and the bomb has exploded.
15. Camera now may be switched to dead object.

16. CTD when there more than 8 game devices are plugged in was fixed (but RoF will not recognize more than 8 game devices).

17. Engine critical temperature indicator should be fixed in case of over-cooled engine.
18. Spectator without coalition should be not able to see icons if they're turned off in server options.
19. Airfield pilots list should not be visible through planes list.
20. Forever ballerina in Dogfight was fixed.
21. Server Info updating in servers list now not taking more than 10..15 seconds.
22. BACK button in campaign dialog was fixed (now always goes to Campaigns List, even after mission flown).
23. Reported mistypes in localizations were corrected.

24. Verdun map takeoff was fixed.
25. Player death messages should be ok now in the case when wingman was killed.

26. Albatros D.II late should be counted in statistics both in online and offline game modes.
27. Leader board Aces section was fixed.

28. Enter key should not close the Dserver application.
29. "Post effects" checkbox was returned to the graphics settings.

E relativo nuovo pacchetto skin:

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Re: [Patch] 1.014 disponibile (+ fix 1.014b)
« Risposta #4 il: 24 Ago 2010, 15:22:53 »
E' stata rimossa la mia SKIN!!!!!!!!!!!! :wild:

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Re: [Patch] 1.014 disponibile (+ fix 1.014b)
« Risposta #5 il: 24 Ago 2010, 23:38:04 »
E' stata rimossa la mia SKIN!!!!!!!!!!!! :wild:

prova a rifarla con TINA o Proteus... magari la tengono ;)

più le cose sono strane più la gente si appassiona


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