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[Patch] 1.030 e 1.030b
« il: 20 Mag 2013, 12:36:43 »
Nuova patch per RoF!

Tre nuovi aerei: Roland C.IIa, Halberstadt D.II, e Nieuport 17.C1 Brit.
Il Roland e l'Halberstadt sono in vendita sul RoF store, il Nieuport 17.C1 Brit è free per chi aveva già il Nieuport 17.C1 prima della release 1.030.
Tutti e tre gli aerei saranno disponibili in Quick Mission, Career e Multiplayer quando acquistati.

Seconda novità, la Career nel teatro del Canale della Manica. Molti più squadroni, un nuova nazione (Belgio), idrovolanti, nuovi tipi di missione, scenario più denso sulla mappa ed altre migliorìe.
Se hai già portato a termine tutto il contenuto relativo al Felixstowe e al Brandenburg, questi parteciperanno alla Career sul Canale.

Terzo, un nuovo sistema di statistiche Multiplayer.

Quarto, una nuova mappa free per tutti - "Inspiration Island", proveniente dalla comunità dei modders.
È una mappa molto interessante e rappresenta una nuova "visione" che utilizza varie tecnologie e possibilità di RoF.

Annuncio 1.030

Features list of version 1.030

1. Channel map now have its own Career
2. Belgium was added for Channel Career
3. Several new mission types were added to Channel Career
4. Brandenburg W12 and Felixstowe F2A now are participating the Career on Channel
5. Halberstadt D.II fighter was added (Available in Quick Mission, Multiplayer and Career)
6. Roland C.IIa plane was added (Available in Quick Mission, Multiplayer and Career)
7. Britain version of Nieuport 17.C1 was added (Available in Quick Mission, Multiplayer and Career)
8. "Inspiration Island" map was added to default game package, it's available to everyone
9. Mission difficulty options and their affecting on Multiplayer Statistics were re-designed
10. Rise of Flight site now have a special page with Multiplayer Statistics of the Rise of Flight world
11. When "Automatic mixture" option is turned on - now you're able to turn off and on the automatic mixture by "LShift+M" keys
12. When "Automatic radiator" option is turned on - now you're able to turn off and on the automatic radiator by "LShift+R" keys
13. M-Flak German anti-aircraft 37mm automatic rapid-fire gun which was developed by community member Christian aka -ImPeRaToR- Zürcher was added and available to be used in custom missions
14. Lighthouses were added in Channel Quick Mission and Career
15. Channel towns and factories textures and vegetation were improved
16. Official skins pack v.1.030 was approved
17. Community fictional skins pack vol.14 was approved
18. Community historical skins pack vol.14 was approved

Change list in common issues of version 1.030

1. Sound disappearing (without restoring) for customers, who still have had this bug in 1.029b was fixed.
2. Performance decreasing with every new mission start was significantly reduced
3. FPS now is decreasing much less than before when time scale is accelerated in mission
4. Vehicles are no more "super-bumped" after plane have collided with them
5. Felixstowe left/right engine exhaust now are depending on each own engine power
6. Propellers spinning in Multiplayer was fixed
7. Hydrodrome mark was restored on the Dogfight game map
8. External camera now appears further from large ships
9. Brandenburg W12 floats shadowing problems were corected
10. Bombers now are landing after bombing in Quick Mission

Change list in airplane AI of version 1.030

11. Wingmen now are correctly performing player's command "attack ground/air objects"
12. Gotha wingmen zigzag flying was fixed
13. No bomb drop on 1st approach of AI planes in bombardment missions was fixed
14. Problems of wingmen in keeping the formation on approach to bomb drop in bombardment missions were fixed
15. Gotha AI planes now are performing take off better
16. Climbing and descending of AI planes now is more optimal
17. 2-engined AI planes spin on takeoff was fixed
18. AI planes now are reacting on attacking enemy fighters while performing landing approach

Change list in Career of version 1.030

19. Relocation auto-mission success condition was corrected
20. Random CTD in Cover missions in Career was fixed
21. Awards receiving conditions we improved and have become even more historical now
22. Albartos D.II unnamed (no squad and pilot name in kill table) kills in summer of 1917 and in summer of 1918 were fixed
23. Squadron 48 now is a fighter unit first of all
24. Unnamed D.H.4 squadron on La Targette field in September 1918 was fixed
25. Player field AAA and sirens now are reacting on enemies which have closed up to field while pursuiting the player
26. Escadrille 48 now is moving to La Noblette at 1 November 1918
27. Planes now are correctly displayed for Jasta 7 and Jasta 1 squadron in October 1916
28. Missing windsock and signal rocket on Bristol Fighters home field in Offensive Patrol missions were restored
29. R.E.8 now have corrected ratio between different mission types
30. No enemy planes appearing on target field in Airfield Attack missions was fixed
31. Situation when player have appeared not on his home field was fixed
32. Bells in towns now are stop ringing when the threat have flew away
33. No planes images in February 1918 for Esc.N68 and Esc.N84 was fixed
34. R.E.8 unnamed (no squad and pilot name in kill table) kills in summer of 1917 were fixed
35. Malzeville field take off direction was corrected, problem with planes hitting the hill after take off was fixed

Annuncio 1.030b

CHANGE LIST of version 1.030b:

1. Status of discrepancy and cutting planes path in post missions statistics in Career was fixed.
2. Problems with AI aircraft landing in Career were fixed.
3. Trees on airfields was removed.
4. Endless ballon attack repeating was fixed.
5. FlyNow missions for new aircraft were added.
6. Oil pressure on right engine indicator of Felixstowe was fixed.

Scarica il manuale pdf della versione 1.030b (in Inglese).
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