TAW - Season XXII

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TAW - Season XXII

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New west TAW campaign starts on 02.08.2020 at about 10:00 UTC.

New features:

United States country on Rheinland map (it took a lot of time to redesign the script, database and website because USSR country was hard-coded in many places)
+0.2 Live for every Combat Mission
Defense position around the enemy city as additional target. (before only attacked city by a tank convoy had visible defense on the map, now not attacked city can have visible defense)
Destroyed depot is partially rebuild after 32 missions (before it was 15). So now its destruction has much longer impact.
Hidden troops stops reporting about enemy aircraft when one particular AA is destroyed.
Drop Zones and paratroopers missions are available now (the same rules as on east front: 2 airfields and can be captured on the map)
A pilot can fly only on one side during the current mission (to prevent from situations when someone gets info about plans of one side from the chat and then change sides and fly as enemy)
techChatMessages and techChatAdvices are off. Injectors are locked.
Improved captured function. Now the probability gets lower if pilot is closer the front-line and further away from the enemy units.
Repairing the airfield takes twice more supplies then before. (to repair airfield by 10% there must be at least 20% of supplies on it)
New plane set:
Me262 - is available 10min after mission start
Me262 - is available on concrete runways on Dortmund and Enchade (backup airfields, if main are captured, are Furstenau and Padreborn respectively)
Me262 - is available for rank Hauptmann or higher
Me262 - must land on the same airfield it took off from. (in other case it will be ditched)
P-47 version D22 and D28 is counted as one P-47 aircraft.
Fixed bugs:

Map #2 is winter.
Tanks limits are checked before generating a new map
Destroyed NDB (beacon on the airfield) counts in pilot stats
U-2VS as transport (wasn't counted before if gunner on board)

Registration is open

Good luck!

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Registratevi e postate qui che vi aggiungo alla squadra

Registrato, anche se prima di un paio di settimane non ci sarò..

Aggiunto insieme a maven e linx!

Registrato anche io

visto che sappiamo quanto è tosta la TAW, perchè non ci si mette d'accordo per volare in gruppi belli sostanziosi e cattivi, anzichè avventurarci da soli o in coppia col rischio di prendere mazzate?
Magari aggregandoci anche con quelli dell'esperienza italwing con cui c'è stato più feeling...


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