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Update alla versione 3.101 con il rilascio del Me 262. :dance1:
17 Mag 2019, 18:03:00 da So.V_Van
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 :clapping: :clapping:
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XRSound logo.png

Dopo un breve periodo di beta test, è stato rilasciato XRSound.
Si tratta finalmente della prima alternativa al famosissimo OrbiterSound di Dansteph (da cui, da troppo tempo, si aspetta invano un aggiornamento). OrbiterSound presenta dei bug in Orbiter 2016, e Dansteph sembra ormai che abbia perso voglia di aggiornarlo.

Già dal nome XRSound si può intuire che l'autore è lo stesso della rinomata Flotta XR: Douglas Beachy (dbeachy1 su OF), e questo sicuramente garantisce alta qualità e aggiornamenti puntuali.

Riassunto di XRSound

XRSound fornisce più di 450 chiamate vocali, effetti audio e suoni di default completamente configurabili per tutte le navi di Orbiter, disponibili anche agli sviluppatori di add-on tramite il modulo XRSound.dll. Oltre al file globale "XRSound.cfg" che config
15 Dic 2017, 00:00:30 da LG965
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CloD Blitz.jpg

Dear Pilots,

1C Game Studios, in partnership with Team Fusion Simulations, is proud to announce the release of a newly updated and
improved BLITZ edition of the IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover!

As announced previously, 1CGS has partnered with Team Fusion Simulations to codify and improve their previous mod
work and make it an official part of Dover. The result of that effort is now here!

All current owners of Cliffs of Dover Classic will receive BLITZ for FREE in their Steam Library starting today. You just need to install to play. It may already be there waiting for you. If you don't already own Cliffs of Dover you can purchase it from the Steam store.

To celebrate the launch, from December 14th until January 4th BLITZ will be on sale for 25% OFF. The regular price after the special will be $24.99.

What's Included?
Team Fusion has spent the past severa...
30 Nov 2017, 13:51:12 da Cymao
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Battle of Bodenplatte.jpg

Nuova espansione in preorder per la saga di IL2-Sturmovik

Although it was technically an “operation”, for continuity sake, we’re calling it a battle! Battle of Bodenplatte will explore the air war near the end of 1944 and into 1945. This late-war setting offers a wide variety of classic fighters and fighter-bombers for you to fly including some of the hottest piston powered airplanes to ever grace the skies. In addition, we’ll introduce our first jet aircraft! The Allies flew many low-level tactical missions into Germany from bases in Belgium and Holland during this time. In a desperate attempt to stem the tide of war, the Germans launched a surprise attack on Allied airfields on January 1, 1945. The ensuing battle became legendary.

Planned to be Included in Battle of Bodenplatte:
Flyable Aircraft and Content:
- Bf-109 G-14
- Bf-109 K-4
- Fw-190 A-8
- M...
13 Nov 2017, 01:25:28 da Cymao
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Come si può leggere anche qua

increasing the landscape rendering distance, we also increased the clouds rendering distance - they are now visible almost three times further than before. Together with the new gamma and gradient for the skydome we showed you earlier, it gives the sim a significantly new look. For example, the 'feeling of flight' became even more natural at medium and high altitudes and when you fly under the clouds the new perspective is stunning. We also improved the look of cumulus clouds, making them more realistic and diverse; they can also appear at two layers now. It is interesting to note that we were able to recreate one of the real life effects - the Earth projecting its shadow on the opposite to the setting sun part of the sky

aumentando la distanza di rendering del pae
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