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Titolo: Inizio TAW Domenica 25-11-2018 - season XVI -
Inserito da: Rani - 25 Nov 2018, 19:27:56
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New TAW campaign starts on Sunday 25.11.2018 at about 11:00 UTC

Change log:

Kuban map: roads and bridges have been fixed. New front line at the beginning of the map.
Pilot gets the Combat Mission also by air assist or damaging ground unit.
If server is full and pilot ends his sortie as Killed or Captured then he is removed from the server. This will increase rotation of the players and it will be easier to join the server during busy hours.
Enemy airfield is able to self-repair using its supplies after two consecutive mission without being attacked. The rate of airfield self-repairing has been reduced a little bit.
Tank convoy, which is close to the enemy city (about 15km)  will not attack this city (it will not move forward for one mission) if defense position is in “Good” status after that mission. The defense position status is “Good” if it has more than 70% of its total strength.
Limiter: when there is a big difference in numbers of players between sides then front line airfields are not available (closed) for bigger side. Players are forced to takeoff from the further airfields. The limiter also takes into account number of pilots that took off from the front line airfields. When they ends their sorties and number of “front line pilots” is lower than calculated limit then airfields are opened again. The limiter is inactive for the first 15 minutes when everyone is joining the server and when bigger side has less then 10 pilots. Border airfields are not closed by the limiter. It’s allowed to land on the airfield closed by the limiter. To distinguish between airfields temporarily closed by the limiter and airfields closed from the beginning of the map (not allowed to land)  please check the mission briefing or TAW website map.
The Ju-52 is no longer CM+1 plane. The pilot will get a new Ju-52 with other aircraft every time he collects 3 CM.
Different experience points for destroying different type of: tanks, vehicles, AA and aircraft (manual will be updated later)

Number of tank convoys depend on the time. Less convoys when low number of players and possible more convoys when high number of players on the server.
Number of GAZ-AA M4 has been reduced in tank convoys.
No email required during registration
Plane set: table is not ready yet but in general: limited I-16 with 20mm on map#1, no F-4 on map #2,  some BoBP planes on map #8

Registration is open.

Good luck!

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Titolo: Re:Inizio TAW Domenica 25-11-2018 - season XVI -
Inserito da: LG965 - 26 Nov 2018, 00:19:14
Squadra registrata!
Titolo: Re:Inizio TAW Domenica 25-11-2018 - season XVI -
Inserito da: Rani - 26 Nov 2018, 14:00:31
ok mi sono registrato
Titolo: Re:Inizio TAW Domenica 25-11-2018 - season XVI -
Inserito da: LG965 - 26 Nov 2018, 18:31:44
Aggregato e anche GiampX e Centauro!
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