Autore Sidewinder FF2 e IL2 BOS  (Letto 496 volte)

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Sidewinder FF2 e IL2 BOS
« il: 25 Ott 2018, 13:17:06 »
Tratto dal forum, riporta dei dettagli utili:

My settings:  In-game shaking to 100% and feedback 60% (70% for Yak 7b).  Don't use any dead  zones or curves for pitch and roll setting in-game (for yaw I use MFG Crosswind rudder pedals).

This way you should get very good feel for trimming effects (which get messed up if you apply curves and dead zones) and the stick will be more realisticaly harder to move the faster your aircraft travels (pressure of airflow over control surfaces).  When you slow down, landing for example or stall, the stick movement should become easier and more loose.  Stick should shake when near stall and when aircraft under stress.  The stick becoming hard to pull in a dive should remind you to throttle back if need be.  The MSFF stick should help you fly smooth and therefore fast and make it easy to make the most of trim controls (very sensitive to trim).  With FF it is like having something live and active rather than dead.  For me a stick without FF is truly a dead stick.  I use my MSFF2 in conjunction with a Gametrix 908 JetSeat in sound mode for BoX   (  and a vibration headset for even more added immersion; next up is VR :))

Tips:  Unplug stick USB from PC when not in use and turn of electric power at the wall socket.  When PC is turned on and you want to use the stick, turn on electric power first and then plug the USB into PC.  Use the same USB port as before.

Always test the stick before use via devices and printers facility.

I do not grip the stick around the middle, rather I hold it between thumb and fingers nearer the top of stick for more precision; I place a square of reusable sticky tape  over the small hole at the bottom of the stick to keep the FF activated (don't leave the sticky tape on all the time for long periods if not in use and still powered).

Sometimes in BoX I find the FF gets over activated and the stick becomes extremely hard to move.  If and when this happens I just move the in-game feedback setting down to zero and then back up again to 60% and all is fine.
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