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TAW - Season XX
« il: 16 Nov 2019, 11:57:06 »
banner TAW.jpgTAW - Season XX

Domani (domenica 17 novembre) partirà la nuova campagna TAW, la numero venti!
Chi desidera partecipare può iscriversi e verrà aggiunto in squadra!

link del torneo:

link al forum:


Tanks from the convoy may create attack formation when are near the enemy city (about 15km). In that case they aren’t in a line on the road but spread out on the grass field. Trucks from that convoy are still on the road (there are two icons on the map: one for the tanks and one for the trucks)
Support for the big squadrons. In case there is too much difference in number of pilots between sides (over-limit message on the map) members of those squadrons can still spawn and fly together. For quick test purpose “big squadrons” are squadrons with at least 6 active members with squadron tag in their names registered in the last TAW campaign. How does it work: a member can bypass over-limit message if there is already someone spawned on the server from his squadron. He can do it only once during the mission. As long as he lands on the airfield, ha can take off again. In general it’s to help squadrons fly together.
In case of too much difference in number of pilots between sides for a longer time during the mission, some front-line airfields from the bigger side are attacked after that mission. It’s like simulating missing pilots from the smaller side to make the game play more balanced.
The queuing system has been fixed. In some rare cases it was possible to fly on unavailable aircraft or with Time Penalty. Players also got conflicting messages that are ready to take off and can’t fly at the same time.
After disconnection when neither pilot nor his aircraft was damaged (no DISCO result) this aircraft is out of service (ditched) for the current and next mission. It’s because some players fly over target, drops bombs and deliberately disconnect to fly quickly again without returning to the airfield.
Different type of trucks is now in the convoys because of the visibility bug. Some static trucks are still visible from far away and some are not visible just from 400m.
During the overcast weather AA has much lower AI level (but not on the airfield).
The new Pz.Kpfw.VI tank added to the convoy from map #5
Missing bridges and city smokes were added. They are now on all maps.
Planeset – work in progress
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Re:TAW - Season XX
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Ok mi sono registrato.. :good:
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Re:TAW - Season XX
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Fatto  :good:
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Re:TAW - Season XX
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Re:TAW - Season XX
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Re:TAW - Season XX
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Fatto :good: