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DCS World 1.2.8 open beta
« il: 04 Apr 2014, 23:47:56 »
We will release DCS as an Open Beta using a web installer. This open beta install will be complete version that resides in parallel to your release DCS World install and have separate configuration files located in Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\. Once you download the open beta, you will use the Module Manager to install your modules. We particularly hope that this, combined with the automatic track crash generator, will help us resolve remaining network issues prior to the final release version of DCS.

Open beta DCS 1.2.8 Change Log

Added FREE TF-51D for DCS World! This is the P-51D with the weapons, radios and rear tank removed with a jump seat added in the back. This does not include dual controls.
Added Su-25T 6 DOF cockpit.
Added initial Oculus Rift support, this does not include front end GUI yet.
AGM-114L/K: Increased speed to about 1.4M.
TACAN added to Lochini International (25X; TBS).
Corrected detection ranges of ground target by aircraft sensors. This can determine spotting of enemy ground units when Fog of War mode is enabled.
MQ-1 Predator: The radar has been removed.
Corrected wingtips vortex position for flyable aircraft.
Corrected HE warheads for unguided rockets.
SAM Hawk: Decreased altitude detection range from 25 to 22 km. Increased missile battery control time from 60 to 80 seconds.
SAM SA-11 Buk. Increased max speed from 3.2 to 3.4M.
MPQ-53 and SA-10 SR radars: Decreased minimum RCS detection level of target from 0.15 to 0.04 sq.m.
Fixed client crash when attempting to add task 'Fire At Point' for a dynamically created group.
Su-25T: SPO-15 sound is now muted when electric power is OFF.
"LockOn" label has been deleted from FC3 module description in Main Menu.
User images in Kneeboard will no longer disappear after window switching.
ME: Fixed toolbar becoming inactive in some conditions.
ME: Corrected location of the buttons in mission goals window.
Added internal cargo trigger.
Reworked chaff and flare rejecting logic for AA and SAM missiles.
Improvements to the multiplayer scoring system.
Fixed Command Start not functioning for AI aircraft.
Cougar 00736


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